Not a Relationship 101

Just sitting back, looking and listening to: friends, family, acquaintances & even those I don’t know, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many definitions when it comes to being in a “relationship!”
Many of my younger friends, 30 under crew, a relationship exists for self gratification. What can “I” get out of it. I’ve heard it said…we can do this but I don’t want you catching feelings. One of my favorites is… I’m not looking for anything serious right now! This one is good too…he/she are not my boyfriend/girlfriend they’re just my homie! These terms/ sayings are used in reference to relationships; but why? Is it because you want to experience being in a relationship without having to commit to someone? You know, the factor of having company around; someone to go out with and somewhere to go when you’re bored. Hell for them just to be a friend they’re always around, just chilling. Something goes wrong, they are the first person you’re calling up to tell them what happened. Sounds like a relationship to me!
Then we have my people, 35 to 45. Hell we’re older, smarter, and more experienced than the ‘youngins’. We’ve been there and done that already! I’m not too sure on where to stand on this one. We have a totally different set of issues going on over here. Most times we have kids involved, ex’s or just several open ended situations. Yes, I’m still talking relationships, stay with me.
Excluding the married folks (y’all get a pass right now), people in my crew 35-45, most have so many reasons or excuses for their relationships. You know what I’m talking about, we’re not married because she/he is not ready to commit or they just don’t have their shit together. Yet they have a house, a child and have been together for 25 years now. Isn’t that the prime example of a RELATIONSHIP, I thought it was.
These are just a few of the examples that has lead to my questioning of what a relationship is in today’s society.
All in all, I have faith that I really do understand what the word relationship means when it comes to: seeing people, dating and marriage. I give that credit to my parents who earlier this year celebrated 41 years! They have showed me the good and the not so good of relationships.



This new Pennsylvania Voter ID Laws really rubbing me the wrong way. I thought we only needed a voter registration card to vote. Now it seems that the State of PA will now require you to have a state I.D. in order to vote. This is definitely going to affect the minority/elderly vote. This appears to be a ploy by Republicans to stifle the voter turnout.

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